Issue #3

The Homepage is Where the Heart Is

Many marketers end up building several websites over their careers, with some running into the dozens of completed projects. I built a few dozen myself before I started thinking critically about what each page stands for.

In a typical browsing session I’ll see a lot of pages that have multiple goals. It’s a lot to ask of a single page to complete one goal, much less two or three. Four? Fuhggedaboutit.

The next few issues of Conversion Gold will be about specific page types. We’ll evaluate the distinct roles that they play on the site, and the distinct goals and outcomes they attempt to serve.

I’m going to start with the homepage — it’s the most iconic of all pages, and the central “beating heart” of your website.

The Job of the Homepage

We ask a lot of the homepage. The good news is that I’ve often seen that it’s prioritized correctly, in terms of design resources and attention to detail, but the bad news is that it’s often under appreciated in terms of optimization efforts.

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