Issue #2

Size, Color, Location

Welcome back to another issue of Conversion Gold!

Hopefully the last transmission, Context is Key, got you thinking about the various contexts associated with a browsing session and how information relates to other information.

I’ve decided to begin the series with a couple of foundational pieces. In the coming issues we’ll start diving into specific pages and journeys with actionable ideas for testing. I’ve got to lay the groundwork first, though.

This issue is going to be about Emphasis and De-Emphasis. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Emphasis and De-Emphasis

If you distill it down to the most fundamental level, websites are made up of words and images. Some of those words and images are more important than others. Some are meant to be read before others, and some are meant to be clicked on or replaced with text of your own.

If you abstract out and take a look, you’ll see that there are really just two colors in this content section: black text and a white background. I’ve also played a little with bolding and increasing the font size of the headlines. There are no buttons, no accordion menus, no add to cart or checkout functionality — it’s a pretty simple piece of content from a utility standpoint.

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