Issue #1

Context is Key

One of the most fundamental of all conversion rate optimization fundamentals is context. I firmly believe that everything you put on your website should be aware of the context in which it is placed.

Based on the hint above, you might begin thinking about which type of context I’m talking about. The answer is, of course, all of the contexts.

Here, I’ll enumerate a few for you:

  • What is the context of the users visit? If I’m arriving at your site from an email newsletter you’ve sent me, does it make sense to show me a newsletter signup popup that I have to dismiss before I can complete my task?
  • What is the context of the session so far? What other pages has this user seen, and where are they in their customer journey? Often I find that certain pieces of information that are crucial to completing a transaction simply aren’t relevant to users early in the customer journey, yet they’re prioritized over other, more context aware content.
  • What is the context of the content? Are we presenting the user with information that helps support the proper decision at the proper time, or are we offering information that sends users on side quests that they may never make it back from?

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